You Are No Angel
All words and music by Kelly Greene © 2007

Verse 1:
If I’m unimportant
In the scope of things
Why do you hunt me?
Would you clip my wings?

You mother me like you care somehow
Like you’ve got something you need to prove

You are no angel
Don’t want your sympathy
Only empathy accepted
And you’re not like me
You’re no angel
You are not Heaven-sent
No, you can’t pretend to save me
You are not the end
You’re not the end of me

Verse 2:
You act like you know me
Like I call you friend
Friend is a word that you can’t

And I don’t care what you think right now
It isn’t fair to assume


You’re voice is deceit
You’re trying to take on the lead
Where do they sing now
When will the sing again
Where do they sing now
Where do they sing now