Kelly Greene is one of Sonicbids' Artists 2 Watch ...New Yorker Kelly Greene may become the voice of female rock and roll for this century. Her vocal delivery is dynamic, controlled, and honed by years on the road. She is able to belt out rockers like “You’re No Angel” and then moan and sing a soaring line in “I Wish I Was Alive” or just sing from the heart in my favorite, “Is It Too Much.” Like Joan Jett of three decades ago, Greene is equally comfortable singing and playing guitar. But unlike Jett, Greene is killer on keys, which reflects her early precociousness on that instrument. Greene has two albums out. You Leave Me Here was released last year, and just this past June Greene produced I Wish I Was Alive. Catch some of Greene’s work. You will be very glad that you did. ...” - Janie Franz

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Check out the L.A.-based blog that checked in with Kelly!” - Matty D

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Rock is Back! by Paul C. I listened to this album because the guy from Skope said he liked it. I thought, yeah whatever, another girl with a guitar singing about how much men have hurt her and why she'd rather be alone. Boy was I ever wrong! He was right, the first song is just in your face kick-butt rock, and the vocals are super powerful, and I have no idea how this girls holds notes that long! There are two slower songs on the album but they are full of emotion and one of them sounds like it just wants to explode. This is an awesome album, this is the stuff we should hear on the radio, not the corporate manufactured stuff that everyone plays. Like the title says, finally rock is back! +++++ Kelly says: Thanks, Paul! I love hearing from fans.” - Paul C.

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Check out Kelly's interview with Stoli Razz of SKOPE Magazine regarding her upcoming album.” - Stoli Razz

SKOPE Magazine

Kelly Greene is a singer/songwriter who popped onto my radar the other day. Her vocals vary from fragile to forceful with ease and the guitar riffs and chords she uses are dark and damp. The combination makes for great music to both turn off the lights and be alone with while shouting out loud emotional outbursts.” - Simon

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