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Kelly Greene: Music

Is It Too Much (Album: I Wish I Was Alive)

(Kelly Greene)
Is It Too Much
All words and music by Kelly Greene © 2007

Verse 1:
Here we are again, my friend
It’s been too long
So many things we left unsaid
At the time they seemed so wrong

And we misplaced affection
Went different directions
We should have tried

Is it too much to say I love you
Is it too late this time
Lay down my shield and be the only one
To lay it on the line

Verse 2:
Not a single day goes by
I don’t recall
The way I tangled up inside
When we took the fall

Looking back now I see it
I didn’t believe it
Was worth the fight


I’ve never been so afraid of you before
I stand here openly
Hoping I don’t have to walk away without my heart
It’s in your hands
Please believe in you and me
This chance we gotta take
I want to stay
Please don’t turn me away