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Kelly Greene: Music

Keep On Driving (Album: I Wish I Was Alive)

(Kelly Greene)
Keep On Driving
All words and music by Kelly Greene © 2008

Verse 1:
Same old shit on a different day
Keep on comin' down this way
And I think I'm ready for a change
A dreamer's dream got a hold on me
And this old place won't let me be
What I - what I really need to be

The blue breaks through in the clouds ahead
Gives me hope and a foot of lead
And I push the pedal to the floor

What if I keep on driving
Keep on flying by
Going full attack
Never looking back
On this life of mine
Keep on going
Never slowing down
Well I’m freedom bound
Yeah I’m making ground
On this dream of mine
Keep on driving

Verse 2:
Every day is a gift from God
I won't waste my life in a dead end job
'Cause I - I got more purpose here than this
My head's on straight and the view is clear
My chance at this is drawing near
And I - I pack my things and blow a kiss



Barreling down the open road
Everything comes clear
Nobody out here - on my own
Nothing left to fear
Searching harder than I've ever sought before
It's so near
I push the pedal to the floor
‘Cause I want more