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Kelly Greene: Music

Bottle of Crazy (Album: I Wish I Was Alive)

(Kelly Greene)
Bottle of Crazy
All words and music by Kelly Greene © 2007

Verse 1:
Watching and weaving
Standing on the ceiling like a
Love possessed
If seeing is believing then
Dreaming is deceiving cause I
Know you the best

You don’t know I’m near
If you did you’d fear my love

Love is a bottle of crazy, baby
Don’t you know I’m drinking over you
Love doesn’t know what I’m capable of, baby
But I know what love can do

Verse 2:
Stalking and scheming
Stewing in these feelings like a
Breath suppressed
Taunting and teasing
You’re committing treason, but I’m
Under arrest

You don’t know such fear
If you did you’d be on the run


Don’t you know I need you
More than I can breath
Don’t you know I love you
And I won’t let you leave me