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Kelly Greene: Music

Stare At the Sun (Album: I Wish I Was Alive)

(Kelly Greene)
Stare At the Sun
All words and music by Kelly Greene © 2008

Stare at the sun
Hoping to burn you from my eyes
You were the one
Now out of sight, but not out of mind
You’re still on mine

Verse 1
Some days
The memories invade
They take me
To another time and place

Where your face comes to life
And it burns deep inside
As the feelings come back in again
And I can’t be free
‘Cause you’re all I see


Verse 2
Your smile
Never truly fades
And my heart
Can’t conceal the pain

I break down each time
That you enter my mind
So I bury you deep down inside
But to this degree
You linger with me


And I talk to myself like you’re right here with me
And my mind plays the game ‘cause you talk back to me
And I fade into the dream

And I’d give up my breath for just one moment more
To touch you, to hold you, to feel something more
Than this pain your life left in me