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Kelly Greene: Music

Addiction (Album: I Wish I Was Alive)

(Kelly Greene)
All words and music by Kelly Greene © 2007

Verse 1:
I want to fall
Deep dark and long
Head over heels
Feeling so strong

I want to fall into you
No right no wrong with just one truth
Don’t you know you’re more than gravity?

You are my addiction
It’s such an affliction
Don’t know what I am gonna do
I’ve got no conviction
Beyond this infliction
Just one more hit to get me through
One more time
Won’t you get me through
One more night

Verse 2:
Your love is a drug
And I am a slave
This isn’t how
A lady behaves

But I don’t care when I’m with you
‘Cause he don’t burn me like you do
Oh my God, I’m such a tragedy


Oh I burn, burn, burn
Headed for the flame
And I yearn, yearn, yearn
Until I can’t contain it
So I head out the door
And I’m running for yours
‘Till I’m back on my knees
And I’m begging for more
Oh, it isn’t like me
No, I can not believe
I’m about to concede
To your hold over me